Post-Quantum Software Research Center

The Post-Quantum Software Research Center (PQSRC) is hosted at the University of Illinois at Chicago. PQSRC's first project (2021–present) is Fast Verified Post-Quantum Software (FVPQS), a joint project between PQSRC (PI: Daniel J. Bernstein) and Academia Sinica (PIs: Tung Chou, Bow-Yaw Wang, Bo-Yin Yang), funded by Intel as part of the Intel Crypto Frontiers Research Center.

The FVPQS project is at the intersection of cryptographic research, algorithmic research, and software-engineering research. PQSRC and Academia Sinica are tackling the challenge of optimizing software for post-quantum cryptography without creating devastating security problems. The project focuses on various case studies with a wide range of applications to the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Project and post-NIST post-quantum cryptography. The project aims to publish examples of high-speed production-quality post-quantum software that is fully computer-verified to match cryptosystem specifications.

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